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5 Million Trees Planted by 2025


Bolivia, South America

Why do we plant in the Cerrado Biome? A large variety of plants and wildlife live in this biome, which is the second largest in South America after the Amazon rainforest. This beautiful area has been ravaged by illegal deforestation, wildfires, and unsustainable agricultural practices. Some of these practices include, over cropping and overgrazing from the cattle farms that are so predominant in this region.

We want to help this wonderful area by reforesting it one tree at a time. Let's plant for the future! 

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For the last couple of decades, massive deforestation programs have occurred in Bolivia, most of which were to provide more pasture land for cattle or agriculture. This is expected to continue as the culture of the local people is almost exclusively focused on economic growth through cattle and as government policy forces land owners to have a specific number of livestock.  Our reforestation project aims to counter climate change by combating the three most significant emissions Bolivia produces CO2, CH4 and N20 (spell those out), which are caused by deforestation, cattle and agriculture. 

Bolivia lacks the advanced deforestation monitoring system in neighbouring Brazil to support efforts to crack down on illegal forest clearing. Its environmental police force is also understaffed and underfunded. Through our partnership with KarbonX, we are advancing the forest monitors system to meet the international specification that allows reforestation projects to receive carbon credits. Unfortunately, this impact means once areas have been deforested, they have no means of counting or replacing the trees & fauna that were lost.

As a result, the micro climate and precipitation will be negatively impacted.


It all starts with one tree plant yours today

Together we will save the planet. Let's start today!

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