Our Goal

5 Million Trees Planted by 2025


At 4EverForest, we want to ensure longevity in our mission to reforest the area and provide the indigenous communities with reliable information and a more fruitful income. To achieve that goal, we employ several practices.

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What Trees Do We Plant

Environmental Education

We teach cattle farmers and locals how to care for their land and how trees can benefit their crops and provide cattle with shade.

Local Collaborations

We work with locals who know the land, the crops, the trees and the environment to develop our understanding better and give back.

Long-Term Goals

Everything we do is for the long term, towards a cleaner future and reducing forest degradation for generations to come.

Bringing Economic Value

We try to bring economic value to the area by planting trees that bring value to the site and communities.

Protection for the Forest

We've done in-depth research into trees that not only benefit the community and provide a resource stream but trees that offer protection to the surrounding forest. Trees that are fire-resistant and drought resistant. We want to ensure the protection extends to the furthest reach possible, and longevity is a crucial element.

There is a striking need to develop approaches to integrated land management to enhance local economic development and diversify land use in the Chiquitania region.

Supplying the local communities with seedlings, training, and supplies will improve local farmers' income and living conditions. In addition, purchasing agreements with local farmers for harvests will promote prosperity among indigenous communities and raise awareness of the Baru trees' benefits and regional tree species.

4EverForest works with over 40 Communities on both private and public land.

Currently, we have around 40 Community Partners who help us with planting and education. Over 80% of the people we work with are women from indigenous communities. We offer instruction for local communities on how to plant and harvest. At the same time, by planting Baru trees, the nut can be used as a viable food source for cattle. Our aim is not just to plant trees but to further the knowledge of agroforestry for generations to come so that we can work towards a cleaner and greener future for the planet.

Sustainability for communities is also a vital part of our mission. We reach out to local communities and give them the proper tools and knowledge to be self-sufficient and environmentally friendly.

Together we will save the planet. Let's start today!

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