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5 Million Trees Planted by 2025

Meet The Team

The team at 4EverForest is a diverse team of like-minded individuals with a combination of different backgrounds and skills who have dedicated themselves to our mission of helping fight deforestation and having a positive socio-economic impact within the local communities.

Jeff Zelinski

A former professional football athlete, Jeff is a Canadian geologist that’s worked extensively in tropical soil regimens, giving him advanced knowledge of the geologic conditions that create optimum soils. In addition, Jeff is a team leader who spent several years with B2Gold evaluating acquisitions on a global scale and was the country manager for the company’s projects in Chile. Aside from his geology focus, he has lived and worked in rural communities for over ten years in over ten countries.

Jeff is helping 4EverForest become a leader in reforestation efforts through his dedication and commitment to replanting and educating local communities on the economic and environmental benefits.  Currently, Jeff lives and works in the communities surrounding San Ignacio de Velasco, Bolivia, initiating reforestation efforts and Baru Nut plantations on private and community land.

Chris Kerlow

For over 15 years, Chris has focused on the finance world, working as a senior portfolio manager in many prominent Canadian firms. He began a mutual fund/ETF business that grew to roughly $1 billion in assets before selling it. As a founding member of 4Everforest, he hopes to make a positive impact on climate change and at the same time be able to create a brighter future.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Sarah Lachance

She spent most of her career developing operational strategies for companies. She has been her own boss, worked with small and medium-sized business owners and managed large multi-million dollar corporations. Sarah is well-versed in effective customer growth and relationship building. She has a real passion for nature and preserving the planet that we all share. She wants to make a positive impact on planet and is excited to part of this organization. 

Rodrigo Manuel Jiménez Cusicanqui

Rodrigo is a Bolivian lawyer who, for 13 years, provided comprehensive advice to companies as part of the team of two renowned firms in Bolivia and who, since 2020, has focused his professional practice on accompanying foreign investment for the development and implementation of sustainable development projects with particular emphasis on climate change.

Yang Shi

Began his career on Bay Street in strategic asset consulting and investment management for a select group of institutional clients whose assets as a whole exceed $1 billion. Looking to be more hands-on and to create true value rather than to invest solely in others, he moved to start his own businesses in various industries. This ranged from the restaurant bar and entertainment space, import/export, foreign investments to cryptocurrency and real estate, amongst others. Having successfully started and sold several businesses in these industries, both as a passive and active investor, he enjoys finding, learning, and working hard to take new opportunities from the beginning stages to success. 

Nothing feels better than to see a great idea that can bring value, convenience or joy into the lives of others take form and make the world a better place.

Jorge Sebastian Inchauste

Sebastian is a Bolivian national that has studied and worked in the United States. When he returned to Bolivia he began to work in the finance industry in the biggest microcredit bank in the country. He participated in the multidisciplinary teams that served as incubators for several projects that focus on forest conservation and biodiversity; bringing financial opportunities to remote local communities, helping them with the production of organic coffee and cacao. With his diverse background, he hopes to make a positive impact on climate change and help develop the local communities.

Silda Garcia

In her position as a forestry technical advisor, she i sresponsible for managing forest genetic resources, selecting good quality genetic material, morphological characterization, and traceability of Chiquitana almond seeds. She also offers technical advice on reforestation and planting in different production systems. In addition, Silda trains producers on genetic management techniques, planting, and tree protection. 

Shirley Gongora

Considers herself a proactive person, with experiences in various areas like administration, customer service, and personnel management across different industries. 

The impact that she wants to make is to help in the accounting side, fortifying and improving this area in the company.

Daniela Dominguez

Daniela has a bachelors degree in public relations and communication. She has over 6 years of experience in the commercial side of international companies. She is also an expert in event planning and coordination. She helps coordinate the daily activities of the company.

With her passion for nature and animals she was more than glad to help our cause.

Edmundo Castedo

Edmundo is one of our best field technicians and planting team leader. He has over 20 years of experience working with the Baru Tree and other types of crops like Coffee. He is an expert in agroforestry systems. Not only that, but he also helps with training community members and setting up nurseries. He is a great asset for us in our reforestation efforts.

Pedro Chuve

Pedro is a great asset to our team. Not only from the community from San Javierito, but he is a field technician and planting team leader. He has 20 years of experience working in the field and coordinating with communities all over the Chiquitania region. He is an expert in everything that has to do with the Baru tree from setting up nurseries to training new community members.


Team 1 - Edmundo Castedo's Team

Team 2 - Silda Garcia’s Team

Team 3 - Pedro Chuve's Team

Together we will save the planet. Let's start today!

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