Our Goal

5 Million Trees Planted by 2025


Traceability is an essential part of our work. For example, we use tree tracking for all the trees we plant so you can see the success of the trees you plant. In addition, we use various tools that harnesses blockchain technology to capture the impacts of sustainability initiatives and give us traceability and accountability to our planting efforts.

Our Progress 

  • You donate to our website.
  • We plant trees in Bolivia on one of our ongoing planting projects
  • Trees are monitored
  • We report our impact
  • Transparency and accountability

With your help, we will:

  • Restore landscapes damaged by slash and burn techniques
  • Save the ecosystem for native species of animals like the INSERT ANIMALS.  
  • Reverse the effects of modern-day agriculture
  • Add more Oxygen into the atmosphere

Help Where it is Needed the Most - Invest in a Tree.

We have a global responsibility to save our planet. Together, we can repair degraded soil and revitalize the earth by adopting pastoral silviculture systems, the land after slash and burn techniques and deforestation. We invest where trees are most needed today.  The current efforts in Bolivia and South America will impact the global effort to save our planet for future generations. 

Together we will save the planet. Let's start today!

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