Amazon and Carbon Offset: Paving the Path to a Green Tomorrow

In a world where climate change is no longer just a buzzword but a global concern, corporations increasingly recognize the need to take meaningful steps toward carbon neutrality. One such trend is the growing investment in carbon offset projects to balance their substantial carbon footprints. Amazon's recent collaboration with oil giant Oxy on a carbon […]

The Devastating Impact of Deforestation

Climate change is an increasingly pressing global concern that demands immediate action. Bolivia, a country blessed with rich biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes, faces a grave challenge. For the third consecutive year, it holds the unfortunate distinction of being the world's third-largest destroyer of primary forests, according to a report by El Deber (source: This […]

A Bright Green Future: Karbon-X’s Acquisition and Our Journey in Bolivia

We've got fantastic news that will significantly impact reforestation efforts in the Chiquiania region in Bolivia, South America. We proudly announce that Karbon-X has acquired our companies, Silviculture Systems and 4everforest.  In the press release featured in The Globe and Mail, we're delighted to share the exciting direction that both 4everforest and Silviculture Systems will […]

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