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The planting efforts of 4EverForest have local, regional and international impacts.  Planting trees is one of the most constructive and positive things anyone can do for the environment. Trees play a vital role in our ecosystems, providing homes for wildlife, moderating local climates, and increasing the amount of precipitation.

Planting trees also help us to combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen back into it, thus helping combat global warming. So, as we continue planting trees, we are not only helping to restore forests and create habitat for biodiversity, but we are also making a significant and impactful difference in the fight against climate change. So, let's all get planting!

Together, we can make a real difference.

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What Trees Do We Plant

Planting in the Chiquitania Region of Bolivia

Nowhere in the Amazon region is the issue of deforestation more acute than in the Chiquitano and the Cerrado Biomes.

Large-scale forest loss and degradation have occurred in recent years, thereby threatening the livelihoods of the indigenous communities.

Indigenous Communities

“Changing the culture and mentality of an area isn’t easy, but my team and I quickly began with training programs in the local communities. Our mission is to help educate the local population on how to gain economic growth and development through planting, harvesting, and maintenance of the Baru tree and other native species.”

Jeff Zelinski,


Supporting Local Value Chains

There is a striking need to develop approaches to integrated land management to enhance local economic development and diversify land use in the Chiquitania region.

Traditional agricultural systems in the area are based on the slashing and burning of the primary forest. However, there is limited evidence of local communities employing these integrated land management techniques.

Supplying the local communities with seedlings, training, and supplies will improve local farmers' income and living conditions. In addition, purchasing agreements with local farmers for harvests will promote prosperity among indigenous communities and raise awareness of the Baru trees' benefits.

Socioeconomic Value Creation

We will apply intensive silvicultural practices such as thinning, pruning, and enrichment, improving growth rates, increasing the capacity to fix atmospheric carbon, and reducing the risk of fires. In addition to providing them with the necessary knowledge on forestry and agroforestry maintenance, we hope to assist in developing their overall organizational and business management skills.

Together we will save the planet. Let's start today!

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